I Want To Treat My Acne At Home

This is a perfectly feasible idea, depending on the severity of the problem. Should the acne be mild to moderate, you will probably find that over the counter meds will suffice. One cautionary note – If you have large cysts, you really should see a specialist as there is a very real risk of permenant scarring should the cysts rupture. In these cases, the only effective way to remove the scars is through laser treatment. To know more read the post of this guy.

Begin by looking out for products with ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide. Start off with low dose treatments – you can always upgrade later. A cleanser is essential. A moisturizer is a good idea – as long as it is water-based and not too rich. A very gentle scrub is also a good idea – you would really only use it twice a week but it can help to clear out dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover. The key to success with these products is to choose gentle ones that will work without further inflaming the acne.

Look out for drying ingredients in terms of these products and avoid them. Gel cleansers may contain alcohol and are very drying. If going the natural route, look to rose water as opposed to witch hazel – the latter will dry your skin. If, after cleansing, you skin feels tight, you are not using the right product. Initially, these products may cause a tingly feeling – that is perfectly normal and will disappear once your skin is used to the products. If, however, it has been a couple of weeks and the skin still tingles, it may time to consider something else – the formulation may be too strong.

Once you have your little goodie bag, you need to work a good cleansing routine into your schedule. Contrary to popular believe, washing your face over and over again will not clear the acne. Wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening. Any more than that and you are stripping the skin of all its natural protective oils and risking having it become very dry and even more unmanageable. The idea is to help the skin help, not to completely kill it. Twice a week, apply the scub gently. Moisturize after each cleanse.

An important aspect most of us overlook is the application of sunscreen. Make sure to choose one that will not clog the pores and one that is targeted at oily skin. The sun is very damaging to your skin and, although it appears to clear acne, too much exposure can actually lay the path for future breakouts. Remember to apply sunscreen about a half an hour before leaving home and periodically throughout the day.

By following this advice, you are laying the groundwork for a vastly improved, clear skin.